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Wedding photography in Pune

About Us

​At TimeFrame® Studios, we offer affordable yet high-quality wedding and engagement photography services tailored to meet your needs. Say goodbye to compromising on quality for the sake of budget constraints.


From stunning candids to traditional moments, we strive to capture every precious detail, leaving you with a beautiful collection of memories to treasure. Cinematic videos adds charisma to memories of your special days. Choosing TimeFrame® Studios means choosing excellence in wedding photography without breaking the bank. Let us solve your photography needs and make your decision easier. Fill out the form to get a quote and let us capture the magic of your love story!

Wedding Gallery

Step into our enchanting wedding photo gallery, where moments of love and joy come alive through the lens. As you wander through the meticulously curated collection, you'll witness a symphony of emotions captured in timeless frames. Every image is a work of art, meticulously composed to highlight the beauty of each couple and the unique essence of their special day. From candid laughter to tearful exchanges of affection, our gallery is a testament to the magic of weddings, where every image tells a story waiting to be cherished.

Wedding photography in Pune
Budget Wedding photography in Pune


TimeFrame Studios crafted unforgettable memories on our wedding day, skillfully capturing the essence of traditions and joy. The team's warmth and professionalism made every moment natural and breathtaking. They grasped the cultural significance of our
ceremony, beautifully reflecting it in the photographs. Attention to detail shines through, making the wedding album a cherished treasure. Browsing through the photos transports us back to the vibrant celebration. Kudos to TimeFrame Studios for their artistry and dedication. For those seeking radiant wedding memories, they are the perfect choice.

- Purva C

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