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Photography Assignments


The demand to churn out consistently profound imagery can be both exhausting and arduous,

but we, at TimeFrame® Studios, don't complain too much considering we are fortunate to have careers that gives us limitless creative freedom. We invite you to take a look at our artistic work here and discover the solution to your photographic needs hidden in these photos somewhere.

Food photography in pune

Who doesn't want showcasing their products in best light? There are multiple benefits to it.


Today, when the world is harnessing the power of online sales, product photography has taken a very profound place in the commercial world. Having the best of images is directly related to having more sales online.


There is a completely new dimension to product photography, the one that revolves around social media. The ever increasing influence of these online platforms has made it easy for products to catch eyeballs. Creative product photography has grown leaps and bounds in past few years.


We at TimeFrame® Studios call Product photography our forte and offer theme based creative photoshoots to our clients along with catalog and premium E-Commerce style photography services.

food new
food photography in pune

The sale of a gastronomic product most often starts with the eyes. Yes, people eat with their eyes first. A well curated photograph is essential, just the way a well curated recipe is.

Color management of the product, a dish and the props play a vital role in the overall imagery. A photograph that defines the relationship of the product with the cuisine and its originating culture, creates a complete gastronomic experience. Well balanced photographs are essential for those who want to promote sales in restaurants, cafeterias, bars, online apps or delivery.And we deliver just that.


We have catered to clients offering humble ready-to-eat packed food to fine-dine multi-cuisine restaurants; spice producers to exotic cake bakers. Each photograph telling a story and tempting the viewers. After all, that is what food is meant for, isn't it?

interior photography in pune

Interior spaces can express mood, tell stories, and create aspiration—even simultaneously within a single image. Whether it’s white walls and clean lines or colorful furniture and eccentric details, interior photography is about capturing that emotion by balancing light, composition, and depth to make viewers feel like they’re actually there.


The skill of photographing a room, whether it's in a house or a commercial environment, is one that is practiced principally by professionals who specialize in architectural photography or interior design work.


Most people never give much thought to making a room the subject of a photograph. That's exactly what we do for our clients ranging from interior designers, architects, corporates, builders & residential owners alike.

couple photography in pune
kids photography in pune
fashion photography in pune

We are too busy keeping ourselves engaged in the future that we tend to forget past events. But, what if, we want to relive the most precious of times from our past? Photographs are just for that. We know the value of each fleeting moment and we specialize in capturing those. Your kid's first photo session to the romantic couple photoshoot; small family get together to the fashion portfolios - our team of professionals is there to cover your needs and deliver the emotions in crisp digital frames. Providing services like studio based photo sessions, outdoor shoots; wall frames, thematic photobooks; we offer everything under one roof. Keeping in mind that every requirement and every client is different, all our services are 100% customized to suit individual needs and budgets.

wedding photography in pune

Weddings are not just events that run for days, weddings are bonds and memories that are for lifetime. We have put together all the photography & video services that ensure all your memories are captured in high resolution.

On offer are - Candid Photography, Cinematic Videos, Traditional coverage is definitely a part of the service list. Keeping up with the trend, we do provide for live telecast on YouTube / Zoom Meetings. Our thematic photobooks are also available in different convenient sizes to choose from. Overall, making sure that no memories are lost in the rush of the big day.

birthday photography in pune

Hold on to your lil one's 👶🏻🧒🏻👧🏻 birthday memories as they grow older, and we assure the images 📷 to be as sweet as the birthday cake. 🎂

baby shower photography in pune

 A celebration of new life and new beginnings!

Let us weave a visual story of love and blessings on your child's special day with our Naming Ceremony Photography.

Best Munj photography in pune

As your kid enters a new discipline in his life & you ensure a grand celebration - this combination is worth capturing and cherishing for the times to come. Grahamag, Mehendi, Upanayan and a cozy reception - just makes it barely short of a wedding. And all of it focused on your Batu. His special moments can't be missed, the excitement of a Matrubhojan, Bhikshawal, The teachings of Gayatri Mantra. We frame the moments as you pass on the legacy of the sacred tradition of Upanayan.

Video service pune
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