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Professional photograph of an Indian bride

Purva Chiplunkar

TimeFrame Studios crafted unforgettable memories on our wedding day, skillfully capturing the essence of traditions and joy. The team's warmth and professionalism made every moment natural and breathtaking. They grasped the cultural significance of our
ceremony, beautifully reflecting it in the photographs. Attention to detail shines through, making the wedding album a cherished treasure. Browsing through the photos transports us back to the vibrant celebration. Kudos to TimeFrame Studios for their artistry and dedication. For those seeking radiant wedding memories, they are the perfect choice.

Indian couple in their engagement photograph

Vedant Deshpande

TimeFrame® Studios is an absolute gem! Their professionalism, evident in every interaction, ensures a seamless experience. The quality of their work is outstanding, capturing our engagement & wedding photos in the most breathtaking and aesthetically pleasing way possible. What truly sets them apart is their responsiveness; they were always there to address any concerns and accommodate our requests promptly. And all of this comes with incredible value, making their services a true treasure. We couldn't be happier with the results - our event photos are a testament to their unparalleled expertise and dedication to excellence! 😁👍
Highly recommend TimeFrame® Studios, Kudos!

candid wedding photograph of a couple

Kshipra Gokhale

Angad from TimeFrame® Studios had clicked pictures for my wedding reception and I loved the photos! He is very cooperative and friendly. Picture quality was amazing, suggested poses were nice! Already booked him for another function!

I highly recommend the team of TimeFrame® Studios!! :)

glamour wedding photography in Pune

Sayali Halbe

TimeFrame®️ Studios, you're the real wedding wizards! 🌟✨ They sprinkled pure magic on my sister's big day with their spellbinding photography. From all the rituals to our sangeet performances, every snapshot radiated joy and charisma. The team's energy was fab, making the whole process a blast. The wedding album is a treasure trove of laughter, love, and all the wedding emotions. If you want your special day to be a blockbuster, filled with dazzling memories, TimeFrame Studios is your go-to enchantment squad!

Great work people!

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